Temperature falls below zero, with lots of snow.
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Why Do We Need Winter?

Snow makes it hard to travel to work or school, winter storms can be dangerous, and long periods of cold weather aren’t very enjoyable. For many people, winter is a complete nuisance. So, you might … Read more

Crowd at the Women's March on Washington
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Making an IMPACT: Sophie Cruz

Can you imagine giving a speech in front of a million people? Would you be nervous? Excited? A six-year-old girl from Los Angeles named Sophie Cruz did just that. She spoke because she wanted to … Read more

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Wildfires Devastate California

Two major wildfires are devastating California. People have lost their homes. Communities have been destroyed. Many people have been forced to evacuate [leave a dangerous place for a safe place]. The Camp Fire, named because it … Read more

Three generations of women making Thanksgiving dinner
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What Is the Real Lesson of Thanksgiving?

The Pilgrims had what many consider to be the first Thanksgiving in 1621. Abraham Lincoln made Thanksgiving a federal holiday in 1863. The United States has been celebrating Thanksgiving for a long time. However, years … Read more

Young girl wearing hijab writing
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How to Be an Author

When you open a book, do you notice the name that comes after the title? That’s the author of the book. Maybe you even flip to the “About the Author” page of the book to … Read more

A protestor holding a placard in front of the US Capitol Building
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UPDATED: Midterm Election Results

On Tuesday, November 6th, the Midterm Elections were held. People voted for their local leaders. They decided who will represent them in Congress. They made their voices heard. Here are the main questions answered by the … Read more

merican Indians; Indigenious people
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Celebrating Indigenous Peoples’ Day

“In 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue. . .” This is the start of an old poem that commemorates Christopher Columbus’s first voyage to North America. In those days, people said that Columbus discovered America. … Read more

Hurricane Florence
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Hurricane Florence Floods the Carolinas

Scientists measure how powerful hurricanes are by the speed of their winds. They place hurricanes into five categories depending on wind speed. For example, a Category 4 hurricane has winds of 130-156 miles per hour. … Read more