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Wildfires Devastate Maui 

You may have heard about famous fires such as the Great Chicago Fire, which burned down a large part of Chicago. You may have also heard about major wildfires in recent years in places such … Read more

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Writers and Actors on Strike 

Are you waiting for a particular movie? Or the next season of a new TV show? You might have to wait a little bit longer than you thought. The writers and actors that make television … Read more

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What Controls Are Being Put on AI? 

Geoffrey Hinton spent most of his life working on computers. He developed a computer system that works the same way the human brain works. It helped to advance Artificial Intelligence (AI). He became one of … Read more

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The Diverse Crew of Artemis II

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has not been to the moon since the final mission of the Apollo program 1972. They are planning on finally going back with a series of missions called … Read more