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The H20 Below

Groundwater is exactly what it sounds like: water that comes from the ground. Groundwater lies beneath Earth’s surface, filling the spaces between soil, sand, and rock. This is a geological formation known as an aquifer. … Read more

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Critically Endangered Animals

There are 8.7 million species of animals in the world! A species is a group of similar living things. A species is considered endangered if there are so few left alive that they might go … Read more

US Capitol Building
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Attack on the United States Capitol Building

On January 6, 2021, in Washington, D.C., a hostile group of Trump supporters attacked the United States Capitol building as Congress was in session. They wanted to stop Congress from certifying [formally recognizing] the electoral … Read more

Deb Haaland
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A Ground-Breaking Choice

President-elect Joe Biden made history when he chose Kamala Harris to be his Vice President. She is the first woman and first person of color to be elected in that position. Joe Biden promised to … Read more

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How will President Biden fight COVID-19?

In December, President-elect Joe Biden went on television to get a vaccine for COVID-19. A vaccine is medicine that prevents people from getting a disease. President-elect Biden wanted to assure Americans that the vaccine is … Read more