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3D Printing Fills a Need for PPE

When you print something, it is most likely an assignment printed on paper. But did you know you can also “print” shoes, jewelry, and even parts of a house using a 3D printer? This type … Read more

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Flash, Boom, Science!

Fireworks are a spectacular show of art and science. With brilliant bursts of color accompanied by a whoosh, sizzle, and boom, fireworks have become a staple of summer celebrations. Have you ever stopped to think … Read more

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US Postal Service in Trouble

You may have heard the saying that “neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night” will stop postal workers from delivering the mail. But what about COVID-19? Could the pandemic affect not only … Read more

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When Is the Right Time to Reopen?

Governments around the world have an important decision to make. Should they reopen their countries or states during the coronavirus pandemic? Stay-at-home orders keep people from spreading coronavirus. The shutdowns have had a high cost, … Read more