Why Do We Need Winter?

Temperature falls below zero, with lots of snow.
Freezing temperatures may be uncomfortable, but they serve a purpose.

Snow makes it hard to travel to work or school, winter storms can be dangerous, and long periods of cold weather aren’t very enjoyable. For many people, winter is a complete nuisance. So, you might be asking, why do we even need winter?

Winter is good for the world around us. Many plants need shorter days and low temperatures to become dormant. This way plants can store up energy for new growth. If a fruit tree doesn’t have enough chilling time, it will produce fewer, weaker buds.

Strong winters also mean fewer bugs. For example, mosquito populations, hiding outside as larvae until spring, are cut back by severe cold, too. This also helps prevent diseases that mosquitos carry.

Winter is good for people as well. Studies show that people can think more clearly in cold temperatures. People sleep better in the winter, as well, because as people go to sleep, their body temperature lowers. While in the summer this can take up to two hours, it takes much less time in the winter.

But maybe the most important reason we need winter is because of the way the Earth is tilted. It means it needs to be winter somewhere for it to be summer somewhere else!

What Do You Think?  Can you think of other good things about winter?

Photo Credit: eyedias/Getty Images