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The Amazing Salmon Run!

The salmon run in Alaska is a huge migration that happens every summer. Thousands of salmon swim from the ocean up streams and rivers to spawn, or reproduce. One of the best places to experience … Read more

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The Art of Glassblowing

Glass blowing is an art form that was invented thousands of years ago. The ancient Syrians were some of the first people to practice glassblowing as we know it today. They discovered that melted glass … Read more

graph shows rising cost of groceries
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What Is Inflation?

Have you been to a store recently? Have you noticed the prices for just about everything are getting higher? This is called inflation. Currently, the United States is experiencing its worst inflation in 40 years. … Read more

Umbrellas can keep the sun away as well as the rain.
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Global Heat Waves

In China, over 70 cities were placed under heat alerts this summer. In Europe, many countries faced 100 °F for the first time. Cities all over the United States have had record high temperatures. Heat … Read more