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The Longest Day

Have you noticed how it is taking longer over the past few months to get dark outside? The number of hours of daytime and nighttime change throughout the year. In the northern hemisphere, where we live, the day with the longest amount of daylight is approaching. We call this the summer solstice, and … Read more


Bertha “Birdie” Parker Cody: Archeologist

Bertha “Birdie” Parker Cody was one of the first Native American female archeologists. Archeologists study people from the past. They often dig in the ground to find objects people left behind long ago. Her mother was a Native American actor. Her father was an archeologist. Birdie … Read more

Food Desert
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What Is a Food Desert?

June is National Fruits and Vegetables Month. It’s a time to focus on the health benefits of eating these foods. But what if you lived in an area where you could not buy healthy food … Read more