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Work and School from Home

In the past, you might have gone with your parents to Take Our Children to Work Day. On that day, parents take their kids to their jobs so they can learn more about careers. This … Read more

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Innovative Inventors

Take a look around you. Everything you are sitting on, holding, and looking at was invented by someone! Do you ever wonder how people get ideas to invent new things? Inventors and engineers follow a … Read more

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Spring Forward, Fall Back

Have you ever wondered why clocks “spring forward” and “fall back”? Two days each year, many people change their clocks to follow daylight saving time. The clocks are set one hour ahead in March to … Read more

Polar Bears
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Communities and Polar Bears

Imagine going outside to put some garbage in a can—and finding a polar bear rummaging through your trash! Although encounters like this were rare in the past, they are becoming more common. What has caused … Read more

Karen Nyberg
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What Is the Gender Pay Gap?

In 1963, the United States government passed a law called the Equal Pay Act. That law meant that men could not be paid more than women for doing the same job. Yet statistics from 2018 … Read more