Never Again
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School Students Lead March For Our Lives

They have challenged Senators on live television. They have organized one of the biggest marches in United States history. Most importantly, they have changed the way people talk about guns, one of the most controversial … Read more

portrait of a little girl lemonade stand
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Making an IMPACT: Alex Scott

Have you ever heard the old phrase, “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade?” Because lemons are sour and lemonade is sweet, the phrase describes making something good out of something bad. Something terrible happened … Read more

Cape Town water shortage.
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South Africa Approaches Day Zero

Have you ever tried to reduce your water use? Maybe you’ve remembered to turn the faucet off as you brush your teeth. Or, maybe your family has a time limit for showers. But have you … Read more

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Irish Culture in the United States

Many people agree that one of the strengths of the United States is its diversity. When people move to the United States, they bring along their best traditions. In March, we celebrate one particular group … Read more

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Dreamers Face Uncertain Future

Many people in America are afraid and don’t know what will happen to them next. Unless Congress and the President can reach an agreement, they may lose their jobs, have to leave school, or even … Read more

workers at NASA
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African American Women of NASA

Three, two, one…blastoff! Would you ever want to work for NASA? It would be a big responsibility, but very rewarding. In 1957, the Space Race [a competition between the United States and Soviet Union] was … Read more