Dreamers Face Uncertain Future

Many people are protesting to support the rights of Dreamers to remain in the United States.

Many people in America are afraid and don’t know what will happen to them next. Unless Congress and the President can reach an agreement, they may lose their jobs, have to leave school, or even be forced to leave the country. They are called “Dreamers” because their parents brought them to this country at a young age to follow the American Dream. The problem is, they were brought here illegally. Now, the government is ending the policy [an action taken by the government] that has allowed them to stay here.

The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) was created by President Barak Obama in 2012. It allowed children who were brought here to stay here and continue to work, study, and live in America legally. Some people think that President Obama did not have the authority to allow this without the approval of Congress.

In October, President Donald Trump decided to phase out (slowly end) DACA. By this March, no Dreamers will be allowed to live in the United States legally. However, President Trump has said that enforcing the law against Dreamers will not be a priority. Dreamers have also appealed to the courts. A judge has ordered the government to continue DACA until the court reaches its final decision.

Meanwhile, some hope the government comes up with a permanent solution that lets Dreamers stay in the country. However, the President and Congress must come to an agreement. Some people think that Dreamers should be allowed to stay because they came to the country a long time ago and do not even remember their old countries. Others think they should be forced to leave because their parents broke the law when they brought them here. Some have suggested compromises, like letting Dreamers stay but increasing border security so more people cannot come to the country illegally in the future.

What Do You Think?  How do you think the government should treat the Dreamers?

Photo Credit: SOPA Images Limited/Alamy Stock Photo