Take a Bite Out of Climate Change

Eating less beef can help fight climate change.

The countdown to Earth Day 2020 has begun! This year’s main theme will focus on climate action. Climate change represents a major issue that impacts life on Earth. It involves changes in weather patterns, and it threatens the environment. There are many ways you can help protect and restore the environment. One way is through your food choices.

Scientists report that agriculture and factory farming cause about 25 percent of climate change. Cattle and other farm animals produce about 15 percent of global greenhouse gases [gases that trap heat and warm the atmosphere, such as carbon dioxide and methane]. As more people choose to eat beef and milk products, more trees need to be cut down to grow more food for cattle. More cattle and fewer trees result in more methane and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Recently, Yale University and Earth Day Network conducted a national survey. The data showed that few Americans know how food choice affects climate change. Only 30 percent of them discuss this issue with friends and family. However, many Americans are interested in a healthier and climate-friendly diet. This means eating more plant-based foods and fewer meats. Eating less beef can help the environment and even decrease the risk of cancer.

Small changes in our diet can have a huge impact on climate change. The new data is a wake-up call to start a conversation about this issue among friends and family. As more people become aware, we can all take a bigger bite out of climate change!

What Can You Do? How can your food choices affect the environment? How can you inform others?

Photo Credit: Africa Studio/Shutterstock