Earth Day: The Canopy Project

Planting a Tree
Trees filter the air so that the entire Earth can breathe! They also make land more stable and provide food, energy, and income to communities all around the world.

Earth Day is celebrated every year in April. This year, many people are staying away from big crowds to avoid spreading a virus. That means that Earth Day celebrations might be postponed until it is safer to gather in big groups.

One project that brings people together to help the Earth is the Canopy Project. Since 2010, people have worked with this project to plant tens of millions of trees around the world. This year, the project goal is to plant 7.8 billion trees. That’s one tree for every person on Earth!

How does planting trees help people? Many of the world’s forests are in places on Earth where people really depend on those trees. In some places, people have expanded crop lands, built roads, and harvested wood for lumber. When the forests are depleted, communities are left without their livelihood.

Some experts believe that planting trees around the world is one of the easiest ways to combat climate change. As trees grow, they absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen into the air. More trees means better air for all.

Even with big projects postponed for Earth Day, you can celebrate at home. Even if you can’t plant a tree, you can plant a garden. You could build a bird house or plant some flowers that will attract bees. And you can always walk in your neighborhood and look for signs of nature!

What Do You Think? What can you do to celebrate Earth Day at home?

Photo Credit: liquidlibrary/Getty Images Plus/Getty Images