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Turning Night into Day: Effects of Light Pollution

People use the expression “like night and day” to show how things can be so different, they are almost opposites: You should see my dog before and after a bath. It’s like night and day! If you think about it, this makes sense. When one side of Earth faces … Read more

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Dr. Andrea Mia Ghez: Black Hole Detective

Have you ever heard of a black hole? Black holes are objects in space that have so much mass, not even light can escape their gravity. Scientists have spent years looking for black holes and recently found a very special one. They found … Read more

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What Is Empathy?

During the holidays, many people experience happiness. But if you were sick or your family and friends lived far away, you might find the holidays a depressing time. If you’re happy, it might be difficult … Read more

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Campfire Chemistry

Have you ever roasted a marshmallow around a campfire? You weren’t just roasting a marshmallow, though. There is real science behind that ooey-gooey treat! Roasting a marshmallow causes the Maillard reaction, a chemical reaction that … Read more

James K. Polk
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Presidential Election Upsets

Before an election, people take polls to predict who will win. Some Presidents, though, had surprise victories! James K. Polk When James K. Polk, the governor of Tennessee, was nominated for President in 1844, few … Read more