Good Dog! Heart Health Benefits of Dog Ownership

Owning a dog can be fun, keep you healthy, and enrich your life.

Dogs are often called humans’ best friend. The perks of pet ownership are obvious to those who have one, from playing and going for walks to laughing and cuddling. Owning a dog requires a lot of responsibility. However, the hard work for owners pays off when it comes to health.

Several studies have identified the bonuses of adding a dog to your family. Exercise is important to keep our bodies healthy. Dog owners reap the cardiovascular benefits [those related to the heart] of going for regular walks with their furry friends. Owning a dog is also linked to lower blood pressure and stress levels, which keeps hearts healthy.

There are also mental health benefits to having a dog. Scientists found that those who live alone report better health when they have a dog for companionship. This is especially true if the person had experienced a heart attack or stroke in the past. Dog owners also form a loving bond with their pets. This has a positive effect on their emotional wellbeing.

If you are interested in owning a dog of your own someday, keep in mind that caring for a pet takes time, money, and patience — but the rewards of pet ownership are hard to beat!

What Do You Think? What are the pros and cons of adding a dog to your family?

Photo Credit: skynesher/E+/Getty Images