Carter G. Woodson
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Black History Month: Dr. Carter G. Woodson

Black History Month started in 1970, proposed by African American educators and students at Kent State University. But long before the month was proposed, Dr. Carter G. Woodson founded a week to honor contributions that … Read more

Australian Fires
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Australia’s Deadly Wildfires

Bushfires are common in northern Australia. (The scrub, woodland, and grasslands of Australia and New Zealand are called “the bush.”) The winters are dry, and a lightning strike or human error can ignite a blaze. … Read more

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Predicting the Weather Just Got Easier!

From students hoping for a snow day to long-distance travelers, everyone wants to know about the weather. Forecasting weather is among the greatest scientific achievements of the last century. Meteorologists can predict weather about a … Read more

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Icy Adventure

It’s winter, and the air is cold but calm. You’ve just trekked a mile across a frozen section of Lake Superior. You’re ready to explore the ice caves of the Apostle Islands! These caves are … Read more

Waclawa Zak
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Waclawa Zak: A Story of Resistance

January 27 is International Holocaust Remembrance Day. It’s a day to remember the tragedy of the Holocaust during the Second World War. On this day, we also think about heroes of World War II, those … Read more