German Chancellor Angela Merkel looking warily at Russian President Vladimir Putin.
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German Elections and Fake News

On September 24th, Germany will have an election to decide who will be the Chancellor (leader of the federal government) of Germany. In Germany, people vote for political parties instead of people. Angela Merkel, leader … Read more

Boy standing in Syrian refugee camp.
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Refugees in Crisis

Imagine being forced to leave your home, your city, or even your country. Many women, children, and men across the world have to do just that. Either war, mistreatment from a hostile government, or disaster … Read more

One-Room Schoolhouse
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Education Through the Years

The school year has started again, and students all over the United States are in school every morning.  Schools have not always looked the way they do now. Long ago, education was a privilege reserved … Read more

Union workers sometimes demonstrate to get better treatment.
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What Has Labor Done for You?

Every September, students and workers celebrate Labor Day. The holiday was suggested by labor unions. These are groups of workers. They want companies to treat workers fairly. You can thank unions for more than just … Read more

Umbrellas can keep the sun away as well as the rain.
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Beating the Heat Around the World

August means summer is still blazing hot. You probably do cooling activities, like swimming or playing with water balloons, to beat the heat. But what do people in other countries do when it gets hot? … Read more