Robotics Opens Our Minds to Discovery

A teacher supervises students during a robotics class.

Beyond the creative play of building things with blocks and erector sets is the innovative world of robotics. Robotics is the science of learning about and creating robots. Robots are machines that collect information from their surroundings and use it to complete tasks. Robots are built to have human-like behaviors that can help make our lives easier. Doctors use robots to help them perform certain surgical procedures. Robots are used in the automobile industry to build cars step by step. You can even find robots in your home! Washing machines are robots that clean clothes much faster than humans.  Robotics also plays an important role in exploring outer space and the ocean. Some areas of space are too dangerous for astronauts to explore. As a result, robots have been created to explore other planets and take pictures and videos that help us to learn about these places. Robots can also explore deep parts of the ocean and provide us with important information about sea life.

Robotics involves science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics. Students use technology through coding to write the computer program, or a series of instructions, that tells the robot what to do. Robotics class exposes students to engineeringconcepts. Engineering is used to design what a robot will look like. Studying robotics can be fun and educational for kids of all ages. Robotics fosters critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity. Some schools have robotics clubs. Students get together after school to experiment by playing with robots and designing robots of their own.  Robotics clubs help to encourage teamwork and cultivate imagination.  When it comes to robots, the possibilities are endless!

What Do You Think? Find out if your school has a robotics club. Would you be interested in joining? Why or why not?

Photo Credit: Ariel Skelley/DigitalVision/Getty Images