Safety at School

Sometimes police officers visit schools to make sure everybody understands the safety plan.

As school starts around the country, it’s important to keep everyone safe. That’s why there are many rules in schools about safety.

Rules about running in halls or rough play prevent students from getting hurt. Many schools also have rules about how and where to enter a school, as well as rules about keeping doors closed and secure. This is to make sure that only people who are supposed to be in school can get into the school.

Schools also plan drills. A drill teaches you how to stay safe during an emergency. You might have tornado drills, fire drills, and other safety drills throughout the school year. Firefighters or police officers might visit your school to supervise these drills and talk about good ideas people can practice in case of an emergency. It also helps them get to know the school in case they ever need to help quickly during an emergency.

A drill might be scary for some students. It can be hard to think about danger and emergency situations. Doing these drills helps your school make sure it has good emergency safety plans. It also helps students feel prepared so they know what to do and where to go in case of an emergency. Being prepared helps everyone feel safe.

What Can You Do? What kind of ways does your school prepare for emergencies? How do these preparations make you feel? If you feel anxious or scared during a drill, that is OK. You should talk to an adult you trust about your feelings.

Photo Credit:Steve Debenport/E+/Getty Images