Work and School from Home

In the face of a virus that can spread when people are together in big groups, many schools are closed, leaving kids to learn online.

In the past, you might have gone with your parents to Take Our Children to Work Day. On that day, parents take their kids to their jobs so they can learn more about careers. This year is different—many workers are working from home, and many students are learning from home. Why has this changed?

A new type of virus, COVID-19, is causing an outbreak of lung disease in places all around the world. Experts believe that the disease can be curbed if people stay away from each other. This is why many businesses are sending their workers home. Many schools, from kindergarten through college, are sending students home to do learning from a distance. Not only are schools closed, but other activities, like sports and dance, are stopped. Public places like museums, theaters, and stores are closed in many places. Experts are calling this “social distancing.” It means that people will be safer if they stay 6 feet away from other people.

The virus can travel from person to person, so staying home and away from other people stops the spread of the virus. That’s not only good for you, your family, and friends, it’s also good for medical professionals who work with sick people. They will not have to treat too many sick people at once. This virus is also harder on older people or people who are already sick. Staying away from these people will help keep them healthier.

Learning from home doesn’t have to be boring! Teachers might send work home for students to do. But there are other things you can do to learn—go to museums or listen to music online, observe nature from your window or in your own backyard, sing, play an instrument, learn how to bake, or do a new craft. Not only will you learn, but you will be keeping yourself and other people in your community protected from disease.

What Do You Think? A friend tells you, “I don’t understand what social distancing is and why it works.” Explain to your friend what it means—and give your friend some ideas of things to do while they’re home.

Photo Credit: Jose Luis Pelaez Inc/Blend Images LLC