Living in a World with Smart Machines That Use Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is building a computer to function like a human brain.

Technology is part of our culture. It is used at work, at school, and in our homes. One of the most advanced forms of technology is called Artificial Intelligence, or AI. Artificial Intelligence is the ability for computers to learn and think. Computer science experts program computers to do jobs normally done by humans. Artificial Intelligence can perform tasks such as learning, problem solving, and processing language.

Artificial Intelligence is all around us and is used in many professions throughout the world. In the field of medicine, doctors use AI to diagnose patients through X-rays. Astronauts use AI to find planets that exist outside of our solar system. Every day we use machines that have been programmed to think and draw conclusions. When you use a search engine on the computer to find something online, you are using AI. Artificial Intelligence is used to program Chatbots to answer questions. Voice assistance is technology that uses AI to understand and respond to human voice commands. There are even self-driving cars that rely on sensors for AI to carry out their function of the vehicle. Scientists believe AI will continue to grow and be even more relevant in the future. It is important to understand this technology by learning how to code and program machines to have the intelligence similar to a human mind. Artificial Intelligence is already being applied to new job markets like fashion and art. As computers continue to get smarter through AI, they will be used many different industries.

What Do You Think? Think of other jobs or professions that use AI? How do they use it?

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Photo Credit: Blue Planet Studio/Shutterstock