Give Kids the World Village

The Give Kids the World Village provides a place for children with serious illnesses to enjoy a vacation.

Many people think about vacations they think of Central Florida. Some people might have trouble travelling though. Give Kids the World Village gives children with life threatening illnesses and their families a place to have the vacation of a lifetime.

Give Kids the World was founded by a man named Henri Landwirth. He survived the Holocaust and later moved to Florida and became a successful businessman and hotel owner. He was asked to help find lodging for a girl named Amy who wanted to vacation in Orlando, Florida. Unfortunately, Amy had a serious illness called leukemia and passed away before she could visit.

Landwirth was moved by Amy’s story. He worked with partners to create a resort for children with critical illnesses and their families. In 1989, the Give Kids the World Village was opened. Since 1989, the village has more than doubled in size. The resort helps families travel to the village, sometimes with as little as one day’s notice.

The resort provides free travel and rooms for families to vacation. It has many activities that children of all abilities can take part in. Many generous organizations and people donate time, money, and resources to make this possible. Because of their help, over 170,000 children and their families from all over the world have been able to enjoy a wonderful vacation.

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Photo Credit: Give Kids The World Village