No More Wires!

This device uses a process called electromagnetic induction to wirelessly charge the phone.

Have you ever heard of Nikola Tesla? You may have heard of the electric car company that is named in honor of him. Tesla has a very important connection to electricity, specifically wireless electricity.

When you use an electronic device or recharge your phone, you need to connect it to an electric outlet with a plug and wire. Tesla discovered a way to move electricity without wires, and he did so more than 130 years ago!

Wireless energy technology is constantly being improved. Today, we use wireless electricity to charge batteries in small devices like electric toothbrushes, cell phones, and earbuds. In the future, we may have wireless electricity powering our vehicles, parts of our homes, and areas of our towns and cities.

How cool would it be to not have to plug into an electric outlet anymore? Or imagine being able to ride in an electric vehicle that is powered wirelessly as you ride from one place to another! Just think about all the resources that we would save by not needing so many wires. And if the electricity for wireless energy came from renewable resources, then we could reduce pollution.

Electric vehicles using a wireless charging lane for power.

What Do You Think? In what ways could wireless electricity make the things you enjoy even better?

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Photo Credit: (t)Akkraraj kangrang/Shutterstock, (b)Chesky/Shutterstock