School District in California Goes Vegan

Falafel balls
Schools in California are offering students vegan menus that include foods like falafel, patties made out of fava beans or chickpeas.

Do you know what a vegan diet is? It’s a diet that doesn’t use any animal products. Not only does that mean no meat, it also means no milk, cheese, or eggs. Instead, vegans eat fruits, vegetables, and nuts.  Recently, schools in California have begun to offer vegan menus to their students.

Why do people eat vegan diets? Some people choose to be vegan because they feel healthier. People also choose vegan diets because they believe it is kinder to animals. Other people argue that vegan foods are easier on the environment. Raising animals to eat uses more land, water, and energy than a plant-based vegan diet.

The Los Angeles Unified School District began offering vegan menus in some of its schools in 2017. By 2018, they decided to add vegan menus to all of their schools. Students may still eat from their regular menus, but they also have a menu of vegan foods to choose from. School districts in Oakland, San Francisco, San Diego, and Santa Barbara have also begun including vegan options. The state of California is considering providing funding to encourage other schools in the states to offer vegan menus.

Many students choose the vegan menu. Even students that eat meat enjoy trying new foods. Schools offer items such as vegan burgers, hamburgers made from beans or mushrooms instead of meat. Students may substitute milk made from soy beans for milk from a cow. They may also try foods featuring rice, beans, and different types of salads.

What About You? Would you like to try a vegan diet? Why or why not?

Photo Credit: PhotoStock-Israel/Moment/Getty Images